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Saturday, June 17, 2017

The following dress code is applicable at all schools:

1. Students must wear shoes unless special permission is granted by the principal. No flip flops, slides or slippers.  Shoes must have at least a strap on the back.

2. Apparel which renders one's appearance as suggestive, eg. cleavage,  shall not be worn. Clothing must be in good taste for the age, maturity and size of the student.

3. Shorts, skirts and dresses should be loose fitting and no shorter than mid-thigh, when the arms are raised.

4. Slogans, symbols, patches, and obscene writings which are disruptive or suggestive are not to be worn.

5. Hats or caps are prohibited without special permission of the principal in grades PK-12.

6. Apparel deemed by the principal to be gang related shall not be worn.

7. Students shall wear no article of clothing, jewelry, or any other apparel that depicts alcohol, drugs, guns or other symbol of violence.

8. When the dress, appearance, or actions of an individual substantially disrupt the teaching-learning process, the principal has the authority to take disciplinary actions regarding such dress, appearance, and behavior.

9. The waist of pants should be worn at waistline. (No sagging pants).

10. Team shirts are acceptable but not uniforms unless the uniforms meet all aspects of dress code.

11. Leggings, jeggings, skinny jeans and form-fitting pants are allowed if the shirt still covers the bottom and the front to the upper thigh when arms are raised.

12. Tights should be worn under any pants/shorts with rips above the knee.

 13. No spaghetti straps, cami straps or racerbacks.  Bras, including straps must be covered.  Tanks should be at least 1" wide in Elementary school. In high school, the sleeve must be more than 1" wide.

 14. In elementary school (PK-5) Mesh, see-through and elastic-waisted shorts must have a proper lining.  In middle and high school (Grades 6-12) those shorts must also be worn, properly lined, with sliding shorts or something similar.

15. In middle and high school, only clear or mesh backpacks will be allowed.

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